«Creative Writing»

For seven years, I taught courses in «Creative Writing» in English and German. We met regularly in groups of 7-12 people. We invented stories and composed and sketched new realities. Starting from simple inspirations, for example, based on objects' words, We created surprises and fabulated in daydreams. The writing was liberating, and shapes came to life with a daring leap of writing into fantastically fresh mountain lakes, wild oceans, and romantic Mediterranean seas. Simply being in the flow and trusting creativity. To glide through the channels of time and space with the beloved writing tool in one's hand as a symbol for the rudder of the gondola and surprising turning points within the stories like a fresh source of a lively spark - because creativity is a fountain of youth. Many impressive texts were written during this time. Many thanks again to my sponsors at the time: Thalia.ch - now Orell Füssli and the MPs: General Libraries of the GGG.

«Creative Writing» Online Courses are now available

«Creative Writing» is a great way to explore new ways of Writing and thinking and is an enriching and fun experience with language. The courses are offered in German and English.

  • For people who like to explore and nourish their writing skills
  • For companies as further training offer as an inspiration for the team: To invent stories, situations, and outcomes and to decide which roles you would like to play. Furthermore, the stories can be voiced together, and as an end product of the course, your team's stories can be recorded.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me for further information.