Script Writing

Craft compelling narratives with expert Script Writing. With lightness, strength, and focus: The art of balancing out your ideas is like floating and knowing when to land. Get in touch Writing is like a beautiful journey: where, on the one hand, you decide on a path, but on the other hand, there are many surprises about what you experience on this journey. Having confidence in this journey connected with the experience and knowledge of the craft is like the precious contents of a backpack that makes every journey an impressive, enriching experience.


Discuss your project and its specific requirements to develop a tailored production plan.

Story Develeoment

Collaborate on refining your ideas and creating a captivating narrative.

Screenplay Structure

Construct a well-organized and impactful script with a solid structure.

Dialogues & Characterisation

Develop engaging and authentic dialogues that bring your characters to life.


Meticulously adapting books or other mediums into a spoken script, ensuring their essence is preserved.

Revisions & Final Draft

Two collaborative revision processes are included.


Benefit from industry knowledge and experience in providing high-quality script writing services.

Any Genre, Any Format

Expertise spans a wide range of script writing services, catering to various industries and formats:

Commercial & Promotional

Engaging and persuasive scripts for advertisements and promotional videos. Engaging and persuasive scripts for advertisements and promotional videos.

Corporate & Educational

Informative and engaging content for corporate presentations and e-learning materials.

Animation & Video Games

Development of immersive storylines and engaging dialogues for animated projects and video games.

Video Games

Immersing players in captivating stories with authentic character portrayals.

Audio Dramas & Radio Plays

Inspiring auditory experiences through engaging scripts.

Audioguides & Documentaries

Inspirational and informative storytelling with clearly understandable scripts.

Short films & Feature films

With my natural ability that ideas just fly to me organically – like the butterflies to the flowers, I am a passionate storyteller at heart with the knowledge and experience of recognizing the possibility of words to create compelling scripts.

Script examples for VoiceOvers

  • ...
  • Announcement Gastro E
  • Announcement Theatre E
  • Ansage Gastro D
  • Ansage Theater D
  • Audio guide or Doc Rodin E
  • Audio oder Docu Rodin D
  • Beauty and Fashion E
  • Cityguide Audio oder Doku D
  • Commercial Hair E
  • Commercial Perfume E
  • Docu City guide E
  • Documentaire Audio rhinocéros F
  • Docu Rhino E
  • E-Learning IT CH
  • E-Learning IT D
  • E-Learning Work-Life Balance D
  • Gastro Seerose CH
  • Immobilie Räbberg CH
  • Immobilié F
  • IVR E
  • IVR Tel Lang CH
  • Werbung Parfum D