Translation and Synchronisation

Translate thoughts and situations for your target audience

Video and original script in German by - Translation and Synchronisation into English by Lea Sakran.

Voice Over in German and English by Lea Sakran.

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Translating and synchronizing means being able to take different perspectives and enjoy transporting not just words but ideas into the respective body of thought with respect for people and culture.


Discuss your project and it's specific requirements to develop a personalized plan.


Synchronization of your project from English into German and vice-versa which implies the writing of the script and the voicing.


Adaptation of your script with linguistic skills and knowledge of cultural nuances.

Style & Characters

Synchronization of your script in alignment with the style & characters of your project.


The length and the pacing of the synchronization match the pacing of the original version.

For dubbing

Lip-sync and the time constraints of the lip movements are taken in the best possible way into consideration.


Writing subtitles for films considering the cultural nuances and staying in alignment with the characters & dialogues.


Benefit from industry knowledge and experience in providing high-quality synchronization services.

Any Genre, Any Format

Expertise spans a wide range of synchronization writing & Voice-over services, catering to various industries and formats:

Commercial & Promotional

Enhance advertisements, product videos, and promotional materials with the perfect voice.

E-Learning & Instructional

Synchronize engaging and informative content for educational and training purposes.

Corporate Narration

Synchronization (synced to pictures & time sync) of presentations, explainer videos, and internal communication.


Inspire the target audience with a synchronized IVR/Telephony Voice message so that your target audience will contact you again.

Animation & Video Games

With on-the-spot synchronisations, maintain the life of characters and stories.

Audioguides & Documentaries

Immerse your audience with the synchronization of your storytelling and information.

Audio Dramas & Radio Plays

Inspire auditory experiences through synchronized scripts.